WHOA: Al Sharpton’s ‘HOT TAKE’ on Roger Ailes’ death shocked everyone, especially the Left

AL SHARPTON breaks with his LIBERAL friends and actually praises and honours Roger Ailes on Twitter, following his death yesterday


Al Sharpton, the uber left wing lunatic had actually said something respectful and correct.

He went on Twitter and payed his respect to Roger Ailes, following his death yesterday morning.

Of course his leftists budy’s were not as kind in their tweets.

It really does seem as though these leftists are completely blinded by politics. They, unlike the right are actually willing to openly celebrate the death of someone due to the fact that they had different political beliefs to once’s they do.

If you are looking at why this is, then you just have to look at the lefts recent actions. As the left has made a living out of shutting out and silencing free speech recently.

So it kind of fits that the silencers of free speech would created Fox News, in order to allow for Conservatives to have a voice and to enjoy their free speech rights in america.

H/T – twitchy.com

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