Megyn Kelly Shocks Fans – Look at Who She’s Interviewing for NBC

WOW WOW WOW MEGYN Kelly just scored one of the most famous people alive for her first interview, on her first show on NBC


Megyn Kelly will be back on our tv screens this Sunday, and it looks like her first guest is set to create and cause plenty of controversy.


She’s already recorded a few interviews, including people like sportcaster Erin Andrews and author of “The Hillbilly Elegy,” J.D. Vance. But, these won’t be shown for another few weeks. Her very first guest will set political commentators on fire.

Megyn even did a promo for her new show, which she released on Twitter yesterday.

“Number one. I’ve missed you and this,” the 46-year-old said.

“Two. As you may have heard I’ve joined NBC news and we’re getting ready to launch a primetime news magazine show in June,” she said.

“Three. You will laugh and you will cry,” she said. “You’re gonna feel some outrage, you’re gonna feel some inspiration. And we hope you find us must see TV.”

“Four. The incredible journalists here at NBC News, and yours truly, will be bringing you, really, the stories of our time.”

“Five,” she concluded. “These are the stories that really need to be told and in many cases aren’t, and we can’t wait to share them all with you.”

Seems as if she has been waiting a while for this show, it’s now up to her to decide wether the show is a hit or not.

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