VIRAL VIDEO: Trump Gives “Handshake of Death” to Emmanuel Macron

(VIDEO) WATCH as TRUMP NEARLY yanks off MACRON's hand after he refuses to SHAKE it


French President Emmanuel Macron has got himself in the news after a rather tense first meeting with President Trump.

The tense exchange started after Macron appeared to shake every UN leaders hand besides Trump, so Trump then responded with what some are calling “the handshake of death”. Trump would not let Macron get away with ignoring him, so he made sure he gave Macron the firmest of handshake he possibly could.

What is funny is that Macron even uses his OTHER hand to “tap out” to Trump as if to say “Mercy” while giggling like a girl.

It’s a very clear difference between an alpha male and a beta male.

Watch the video:

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